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Dec 24, 2013

Introducing the Hidden Field / URL Param Question Type

We just added a new very important and usable question type called "Hidden Field / URL Param". Hidden field are hidden from the survey taker but are available for filters in your reports and exports. The Hidden field or URL Param question type allows to collect data from URL parameters of your survey such as [username], [event_id], and much more.

Where to use Hidden Field / URL Param question type in your surveys?

Let's say you have a website like a "" where you organize meetings, events and you want to get a feedback about specific event by following parameters such as [event_id], [event_title] and etc. Of course you can create survey for each event or use multiple collectors for one survey. But Hidden fields can give you much more and also allow you collect a lot of additional data for future filtering.
So what you need to do is just add Hidden field question types onto your survey with URL parameter names that you expect to receive from url.

For example:
http://your-survey-url/?event_id=551223&event_title=Big Data Science

That's It.
Now your survey is ready for Hidden Fields.
Happy Surveying!
The Inqwise team.

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Jul 04, 2013

Create Online Surveys

Whether you are a large enterprise looking to launch a patent-pending product, an employer eager to boost your popularity among employees, or just somebody wanting to find the most preferred coffee brand, there isn't much that will prove more helpful than a quick online survey at Inqwise. You can use our intuitive web based software to create your own survey or even copy a professionally written survey template, whichever suits you more. The questionnaires can be greatlooking and attractive with dozens of amazing color schemes and designs to choose from. You can reach your customers wherever they are using our advanced email system, or posting to social networks like Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

Upon completion of the survey, analysis of the data generated by the survey can be made easy and convenient using our full set of features like tables, segmentation tools, trend analysis, real-time summary and text analysis. Inqwise is an intuitive and user friendly surveying system that makes it a really viable surveying website. It allows all its users to make quicker and better decisions by easily understanding the choices and preferences of the surveyors. Lots of features available at Inqwise are unique and provide users added incentive -

Ease of Use and multi-faceted format

You can conveniently create professional surveys in a matter of minutes either on your own or using our free templates. You can make the best use of the multi-lingual support, customize the format and also add your logo and branding.

Stay connected with your customers and surveyors anytime and anywhere

You can stay connected using email, social networks, mobile, tablet, exit surveys and more...

State-of-the-art and unique features

Real time reporting makes surveying robust and analytical. Action alerts notify you instantly when someone answers in a particular manner to your questions. You can also track individual respondents and find out more about their response.

Organize your survey in record time

The questions that we regularly receive from our customers are covered comprehensively in the FAQ pages, which you can easily browse through. What's more, you can even do a keyword search to find the topic you are looking to do a survey about.

So if a quick and effective survey is what you are looking for, then Inqwise truly is your first portof-call; with its contemporary and effective features and services, you can now survey your way to success.

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Jun 30, 2013

Use Reddit for Collect Results on Your Surveys and Polls

Sometimes you need to conduct a short survey or poll to ask people question for example "What's your favorite coffee drink?" you can do it with Inqwise.

But where to find participants, this is the main issue. Of course you can collect results from your friends in facebook or so workers by sending them email, but sometimes it's not enough.

The great solution to get additional participants for you survey is
Reddit has a SampleSize community dedicated to scientific, fun, and creative surveys. Yes this is really nice place of greet people that like to answer on surveys, leave comments, and discuss on interesting questions.

We recommend to use Reddit as additional way to collect survey results.

What you need to do it's only submit you survey link on Reddit

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Mar 23, 2012

Share survey link on your Facebook, Twitter

This week we added new additional ways to allow our users to and share survey link on to their Facebook page, and also tweet about survey in Twitter.

For printed media was added QR Code generator with options to change size and download.

Those ways will help you fast and easy distribute your surveys.
Try them on your Stunning Surveys!

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Feb 02, 2012

One month ago we launched to the world

Hello all!

It was one month ago that we launched - new online survey tool and our baby is gaining momentum.
In this post we'd like to draw some of our conclusions regarding this period of time and share our future plans with you.


  • One of the most fundamental building blocks is the web site's performance. Recently, we've managed to decrease the server's response time by at least 30%, due to the following: resource optimization, data caching and simplification of operations logic.
  • We've increase the bandwidth of our collectors by 3.5 times. It was achieved by using smart distribution solution. As a result our platform are ready for enterprise level loads.
  • Now you can easily find us on the Internet, we've improved the SEO of the website. Inqwise has already glimpsed in many search engines for queries related to online surveys.

Some statistics

Maximum of unique users per day:91
Number of transactions:more than 800
Number of recipients:more than 400
Number of polls created:more than 30
Number of registered users:32

Summing it up

Our aspiration is to expand the capabilities and simplify the working process in our system.
Nevertheless, even at this stage Inqwise is a better alternative compared to other competing survey tools like SurveyMonkey, PollDaddy, and FluidSurveys.

In the near future we'll increase the stock of the new features and services, and make working processes more intuitive.

Best regards,
The Inqwise Team.

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Jan 23, 2012

Survey RTL support for Right-to-Left text direction

We have added full support for Right-to-Left text direction for languages such as Arabic and Hebrew from the beginning of Inqwise development.

Support for languages written in a Right-to-Left direction is easy - it's just a matter of overwriting all the horizontal positioning attributes of CSS stylesheet.

While other online survey tools offer some kind of CSS text editor to alter the survey skin settings from LTR to RTL and vice versa, we provide a much easier method for this task, we only added a checkbox. (See screenshot)

Survey Settings -> RTL support

So to enable RTL support for a survey, just go to "Survey Settings" page, and scroll down the screen until the section "Right-to-Left (RTL)", select the checkbox "Enable Right-to-Left (RTL) text direction support" and save your changes by clicking the button "Save Changes", that's all.

We did our best to provide our customers the fastest way to change a survey skin to be RTL friendly.

We have created 2 examples for both Arabic and Hebrew languages.

Arabic Right-to-Left survey example

Hebrew Right-to-Left survey example

We hope you have enjoyed our service.

Best regards,
The Inqwise Team

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Jan 05, 2012

Beta Tier and Testing

We push major code changes weekly on Tuesday evenings (Pacific Standard Time), and hotfixes throughout the week.

Every week, usually on Sunday evenings, we stage our weekly push, which happens on Tuesday evenings, on the beta tier. This provides ourselves 48 hours to test and find bugs before the build hits production. After Tuesday, while the beta tier is continuously updated with hotfix patches which are queued up for the daily hotfix release, the production tier is updated with the hotfix push in the evenings, Pacific Standard Time.

Beta and Production Mapping


Push schedule

DayBeta TierProduction Tier
SundayWeekly release (evening)Release from Tuesday prior + Hotfixes
MondayWeekly releaseRelease from Tuesday prior + Hotfixes
TuesdayWeekly releaseWeekly release is pushed
WednesdayWeekly release + HotfixesWeekly release + Hotfixes (evening)
ThursdayWeekly release + HotfixesWeekly release + Hotfixes (evening)
FridayWeekly release + HotfixesWeekly release + Hotfixes (evening)
SaturdayWeekly release + HotfixesWeekly release + Hotfixes (evening)

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Oct 19, 2011

Follow us on Twitter @inqwise

Keep up with Inqwise on Twitter! Follow us, tweet us, and retweet us to all your friends.
We'll see you on Twitter! @inqwise

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